Frequently Asked Questions

What is ListLang?

ListLang is a language learning app that helps you achieve fluency by learning the most frequent words in context.

How does ListLang work?

ListLang makes the process of learning vocabulary simple and straightforward. The top 5,000 most frequently used words account for 95% of all speech and text. Learning words in context helps you naturally understand their meaning and use cases, while avoiding the rote memorization of definitions.

What makes ListLang different from other apps?

Feature ListLang Clozemaster Lingvist
Unlimited learning
Listening practice
Custom word lists
No ads
Over 20 languages
Community moderation
Dictionary lookup
Google DeepMind WaveNet Audio

Comparing free versions

Where can I download ListLang?

You can download the iPhone app here and the Android app here. You can also find it on either store by searching for "ListLang".

Is ListLang free?

ListLang is 100% free while we work on improving the app in the beta version.

How do you make money?

ListLang is 100% free while in beta. In the future, we hope to switch to freemium model to sustain the app.

I still need help. How do I get in touch with you?

We'd love to hear from you! You can always reach us by emailing us at

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