How to Say No in 60 Different Languages

May 3rd, 2023 - Vera

Saying “no” is an important part of communication in any language. Whether it’s to decline an invitation, express disagreement, or set a boundary, knowing how to say “no” in different languages can be useful in a variety of situations. In this list, we have compiled 60 different ways to say “no” in various languages from all around the world. From the familiar European languages such as French, German, and Italian to the less common languages such as Georgian, Swahili, and Amharic, this list showcases the diversity of languages and cultures around the globe. Learning how to say “no” in different languages not only expands our linguistic abilities but also allows us to connect and communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. So whether you are a traveler, language enthusiast, or simply curious about how to say “no” in different languages, this list will help you broaden your language skills and understanding of global communication.

  1. English: no
  2. Spanish: no
  3. French: non
  4. German: nein
  5. Italian: no
  6. Portuguese: não
  7. Dutch: nee
  8. Swedish: nej
  9. Norwegian: nei
  10. Danish: nej
  11. Finnish: ei
  12. Icelandic: nei
  13. Greek: όχι (óchi)
  14. Russian: нет (nyet)
  15. Mandarin Chinese: 不 (bù)
  16. Japanese: いいえ (iie)
  17. Korean: 아니오 (aniyo)
  18. Swahili: hapana
  19. Arabic: لا (la)
  20. Hebrew: לא (lo)
  21. Turkish: hayır
  22. Hungarian: nem
  23. Polish: nie
  24. Czech: ne
  25. Slovak: nie
  26. Slovenian: ne
  27. Croatian: ne
  28. Serbian: не (ne)
  29. Albanian: jo
  30. Bulgarian: не (ne)
  31. Romanian: nu
  32. Estonian: ei
  33. Latvian: nē
  34. Lithuanian: ne
  35. Georgian: არა (ara)
  36. Armenian: ոչ (voch)
  37. Persian: نه (na)
  38. Hindi: नहीं (nahin)
  39. Bengali: না (na)
  40. Thai: ไม่ (mai)
  41. Vietnamese: không
  42. Indonesian: tidak
  43. Malay: tidak
  44. Tagalog: hindi
  45. Cebuano: dili
  46. Javanese: ora
  47. Sundanese: henteu
  48. Khmer: ទេ (té)
  49. Lao: ບໍ່ (baw)
  50. Myanmar (Burmese): မဟုတ်ဘူး (ma hote bu)
  51. Amharic: አይ (ayi)
  52. Hausa: a’a
  53. Yoruba: ṣe’ko
  54. Igbo: enwe
  55. Zulu: cha
  56. Xhosa: cha
  57. Setswana: Nnyaa
  58. Sesotho: che
  59. Shona: hapana
  60. Swazi: cha

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