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April 17th, 2023 - Kevin

I’m excited to announce ListLang Premium.

ListLang started a personal project because I was frustrated with the lack of resources for intermediate language learners. I wanted a straightforward way to learn enough vocabulary to comfortably read books, watch movies, and interact with native speakers. I coded the first version up in a few months and released it…

The first day of the launch, I woke up to over 1,000 signups, and the servers almost crashed. I had to scramble to upgrade the servers, and a few months later, we are just weeks away from 1 million questions answered correctly!

There is still a long way to go to build the ideal vocabulary app for intermediate language learners: more language pairs, more examples for each word, more accurate translations, lists based on grammar concepts, fixing issues in existing sentences, fixing technical issues, etc…

Unfortunately, free isn’t sustainable for the increasing costs and continued development of ListLang, so I’m switching to a freemium model in which some features will be available only in the premium version. You’ll still be able to learn up to 100 sentences/day, but some of the features like the Google DeepMind WaveNet Audio, listening practice, and thematic lists will be premium-only.

I set the limit generously because I’d like language learning to be as accessible as possible, and I want to keep the experience as fast and clean as possible (no ads or gimmicky features like the hearts system.)

Thanks for using and supporting Listlang!

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