Dar Conjugations in Spanish With Examples, Expressions, and Idioms

May 2nd, 2023 - Vera

Comer is a commonly used verb in the Spanish language that means “to eat.” It is a regular verb, meaning that its conjugations follow a predictable pattern like other regular verbs. In this article, we will explore the different conjugations and forms of comer, as well as common expressions and idioms that use this versatile verb.


Present tense

yo como tú comes él/ella/usted come nosotros/nosotras comemos vosotros/vosotras coméis ellos/ellas/ustedes comen

Preterite tense

yo comí tú comiste él/ella/usted comió nosotros/nosotras comimos vosotros/vosotras comisteis ellos/ellas/ustedes comieron

Imperfect tense

yo comía tú comías él/ella/usted comía nosotros/nosotras comíamos vosotros/vosotras comíais ellos/ellas/ustedes comían

Future tense

yo comeré tú comerás él/ella/usted comerá nosotros/nosotras comeremos vosotros/vosotras comeréis ellos/ellas/ustedes comerán

Conditional tense

yo comería tú comerías él/ella/usted comería nosotros/nosotras comeríamos vosotros/vosotras comeríais ellos/ellas/ustedes comerían

Subjunctive mood

yo coma tú comas él/ella/usted coma nosotros/nosotras comamos vosotros/vosotras comáis ellos/ellas/ustedes coman


The forms of comer are used to express different meanings and functions of the verb.








tú come usted coma nosotros/nosotras comamos ustedes coman

Expressions and idioms

Comer is used in many expressions and idioms in the Spanish language, making it a useful verb to know in order to communicate effectively with native speakers. Some common examples include:


In conclusion, comer is an important and versatile verb in the Spanish language. By mastering its various forms and conjugations, as well as common expressions and idioms, you can become a more confident and proficient speaker of Spanish. So whether you’re eating healthy, eating out, or conquering the world, remember to use comer to express yourself clearly and effectively in Spanish.

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