Beber Conjugations in Spanish With Examples, Expressions, and Idioms

May 2nd, 2023 - Vera

Amar is a common Spanish verb that means “to love.” It is an irregular verb, which means its conjugation pattern does not follow the predictable structure of regular verbs. In this article, we’ll explore the different conjugations and forms of amar, as well as common expressions and idioms that use this powerful verb.


Present tense

yo amo tú amas él/ella/usted ama nosotros/nosotras amamos vosotros/vosotras amáis ellos/ellas/ustedes aman

Preterite tense

yo amé tú amaste él/ella/usted amó nosotros/nosotras amamos vosotros/vosotras amasteis ellos/ellas/ustedes amaron

Imperfect tense

yo amaba tú amabas él/ella/usted amaba nosotros/nosotras amábamos vosotros/vosotras amabais ellos/ellas/ustedes amaban

Future tense

yo amaré tú amarás él/ella/usted amará nosotros/nosotras amaremos vosotros/vosotras amaréis ellos/ellas/ustedes amarán

Conditional tense

yo amaría tú amarías él/ella/usted amaría nosotros/nosotras amaríamos vosotros/vosotras amaríais ellos/ellas/ustedes amarían

Subjunctive mood

yo ame tú ames él/ella/usted ame nosotros/nosotras amemos vosotros/vosotras améis ellos/ellas/ustedes amen


The forms of amar are used to express different meanings and functions of the verb.








tú ama usted ame nosotros/nosotras amemos ustedes amen

Expressions and Idioms

Like many other Spanish verbs, amar is used in several idiomatic expressions that are commonly used in everyday speech. Here are some examples:


In conclusion, amar is a powerful verb that is used often in Spanish to express love and affection. Whether you’re talking about romantic love or the love of family and friends, amar is a crucial verb to master. Knowing the different conjugations and forms of amar, as well as the common idiomatic expressions that use this verb, will help you communicate more effectively in Spanish and engage with native speakers in a meaningful way. So go ahead and spread some love with your new knowledge of amar!

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